Chase Freedom™

While minority celebrities serve as irrefutable evidence of the limitless opportunity and freedom of that exists within their society, their power to define their identity, while impressive relative to the individual, is still largely constrained by the insecurities of a mainstream Western narrative.

By embracing these productized individuals, even those that market themselves as irreverent or empowering, is, much like drawing a sense of power from a piece of jewelry, an activity that maintains a state of self-imposed submission toward a pre-existing object-based social hierarchy.

Chase Freedom™ is a collection of digital artwork centered around celebrity culture and it's often skewed representation of racial and gender identities.

These six photoshop portraits are characterized by colorful backdrops, aggressive augmentation, and a cynical juxtaposition involving a central human subject and secondary objects such as jewelry, clothing and masks.

The interplay between self, status and freedom is a core theme of the work, particularly as it relates to individuals from non-dominant communities. 


A celebrity's ability to define their own identity, while impressive relative to the individual, is still constrained by the insecurities and expectations of a conservative mainstream narrative.