Reagan Charles Cook is a Canadian artist and designer based in Los Angeles. Born in Kitchener, Ontario - he holds degrees from the University of Waterloo and University of Southern California.

Spanning a diverse range of mediums and styles, his work has been displayed in galleries, museums and magazines across North America most notably: The Drawing Room, Light and Space Contemporary, Artinformal, Parkett Magazine, and the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art.

In addition to his career as a contemporary artist, Cook has contributed designs and creative concepts for professional companies in Toronto, Los Angeles, and San Francisco - ranging from small tech firms to Fortune 500 brands. 

Artist Statement

I’m interested in the role of art, and visual communication in popular society, specifically, the premise of "Art as Opportunity". This concept is a consistent theme of my work, and combines a self-serving desire to be seen and acknowledged with an altruistic goal of creating a lane for people to appreciate engage with visual forms of expression.

Following in the long tradition of folk artists, my work is primarily utilitarian and decorative, characterized by a naive style, in which traditional rules of proportion and perspective are rarely employed. Commercialized, marketed and low-brow, my art expresses the shared values and aesthetics of a post-Cold War suburban youth and relies on the self-taught techniques that I developed as a member of this informal community setting.