Bridg - Brand Identity

Bridg is a Los Angeles based software company that helps nationwide retailers with business intelligence and closed-loop marketing solutions. I worked as the lead designer at Bridg between 2014 and 2016, and supervised the development of the brand identity, marketing narrative and the overall visual aesthetic. 

In the same way that physical bridges use steel and stone to cross chasms and join people together,  Bridg uses software to connect brands with their customers, leveraging machine learning algorithms to provide personalized, responsive and suprisingly relevant marketing experiences.    


Anchoring the brand identity is the company logo. Developed as a custom graphic from the popular Helvetica-based font Harabara, this logo is clean, concise and impactful. This is the same font that was used by Time Warner Cable when they re-branded to Spectrum. This design pre-dates Spectrum by several years, and in my opinion, is a much better logo.

Not only does the smooth flowing arc in the center of the graphic enhance readability, it solidifies ’connectivity’ as a central theme of the brand. It also relates to Bridg’s role as a vendor of statistical analysis and data science. In probability theory, the arched bell curve is a common continuous probability distribution.  


Reveal is a Bridg product feature launched in the spring of 2016, that leveraged point-of-sale data and customer tracking algorithms to provide an understanding of individual customer purchasing behavior to help retail marketers understand their business health at the individual customer level.

 I was tasked with designing both the user interface of REVEAL and the accompanying marketing and material used to support its launch.  My goal was to create an intuitive and familiar corporate aesthetic, that vastly improved upon the design and clarity of leading business consulting reports.