Menthol Moose

The work is structurally similar to my other digital illustrations, and is a culmination of several months of experimentation with Simpsons based art.  Like my earlier work, this large-scale collage aims to replicate familiar elements of the cartoon, while transfiguring the forms and their composition to a point of abstraction.

Menthol Moose is a digital illustration depicting a surreal collage of characters from the world of The Simpsons. The primary focus of the work is the question of adolescent morality, specifically, assumptions of good and evil related to sexuality, religion, and substance abuse. 


I vividly recall the first time I watched an episode of the Simpsons. I was around 5 years old, and it was a re-run of the episode where Bart gets his heart ripped out by his babysitter Laura Powers. It was the most compelling and visually stimulating thing I'd seen at that point in my life, and to this day, it remains my favorite episode.